Jim Duggan on Whether AEW Contacted Him

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Jim Duggan on Whether AEW Contacted Him

All Elite Wrestling is still a very young professional wrestling promotion. Even though they have a billionaire backing them, they need all the help that they can get in order to beat the WWE. Veteran professional wrestlers and wrestling industry veterans can help them.

They have already hired some very famous former WWE wrestlers and employees. They even managed to get a hold of the legendary Jim Ross, who works as their Senior Advisor. Jim Duggan is a WWE Hall of Famer and he is a mega veteran.

He started wrestling in the 70s and has faced some of the best professional wrestlers of all-time. He was never really a good technical wrestler. He was more of a brawler and came from professional football. He was a guest on The Wrestling Inc.

Daily where he spoke about the WWE and AEW. He was asked whether AEW has contacted him and whether he would be willing to work for the young promotion. "I don't think they are too interested in me. I like to joke that in my heyday I wrestled Dusty, DiBiase and Orton and then in WWE I wrestled Dusty's kid, DiBiase's kid and Orton's kid," stated Duggan.

"I already beat up Cody and of course Jericho, he's been around for a while. Never say never but no, I've never heard from them. But best of luck, it's great for the young guys to go out there and it's great for the fans."