Ryback discusses the results of the Royal Rumble

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Ryback discusses the results of the Royal Rumble

Immediately after leaving WWE, Ryback announced that he was looking for booking offers from various independent federations. His entry into Northeast Wrestling was announced on August 25th. In WrestlePro, he made his debut as The Big Guy and on October 15, during a live event in New York, he won the WrestlePro Tag Team Championship with Pat Buck.

Speaking on the latest Conversations With the Big Guy podcast, the former Intercontinental Champion discussed the results of the Royal Rumble: “[Reigns has] been getting booed again, it’s been building. I think the whole cancer stuff has ran its course and people are back on the — and they’ve gotta be careful with that.

And I think, for what they did, I gotta say, I enjoyed that Royal Rumble match with Brock. I wish … my personal opinion, I wished they would’ve kept that going [Lesnar’s run]. It would’ve been the most memorable Royal Rumble to beat all the way through 29 guys.

Can you imagine that reaction though if they did that the whole way through? And I get why you don’t do it also, because you are running the risk of it will pay off, but are people [going to accept it]. I think it would’ve been awesome because Royal Rumbles are all the same, kind of. That would have been a great [match]."