Ryback on Roman Reigns’ match with Bray Wyatt

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Ryback on Roman Reigns’ match with Bray Wyatt

Roman Reigns fought in the main event of many WWE pay-per-views, including four consecutive editions of WrestleMania (31, 32, 33 and 34), the company's most important event. Since the summer of 2014, WWE has chosen him as the "face of the federation", but his rise to the top as a babyface has been marked by the disapproval of critics and negative reactions from the public.

ESPN's David Shoemaker went so far as to describe Reigns as the most hated wrestler WWE has ever had since Sgt. Slaughter adopted an Iraqi sympathizer gimmick in 1990. Speaking on his podcast, Ryback commented on Reigns’ match with Bray Wyatt: “And Roman, I saw, going with The Fiend.

I’m hoping this is — and they used Roman to get over Drew, which was a great call. Great call. They have to be listening to these boos with that. And I think this is a great time. I think you could actually use this to turn Roman heel eventually.

I think it would be a great opportunity, and not to make the same mistake you made with Cena, keeping him babyface for so long, actually let Roman get more over. He will get more over as a character. He’ll be more popular than he’s ever been if they actually allow him to go that way.

But I think you need to make this all about The Fiend going in. And the Fiend should be the one to maybe, finally gets Roman to turn like Seth did. I think that’s a cool story down the road”.