Ric Flair Speaks Differences Between Him and Charlotte

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Ric Flair Speaks Differences Between Him and Charlotte

Ric Flair is a former 16-time world champion and one of the most successful professional wrestling stars of all time. He accumulated a lot of wealth through professional wrestling. He is a WWE Hall of Famer and one of the greatest and most respected wrestlers to ever step foot inside a WWE ring.

He is retired and his daughter, Charlotte Flair is continuing his legacy. Charlotte has won almost every single major title during her WWE Career. He recently gave an interview to Don’t Tell Me The Score. He and Charlotte Flair are similar in many aspects he spoke about the one big difference that the two have.

"She wakes up every day wanting to be better, just like I did. The difference is, I knew how much better I was," stated Flair. "Then I started having self-confidence issues. She's never going to have that...

"I've always taken her and pushed her. I could see this gift. She's got it all and she's tough." Charlotte Flair is very well-known for her great work ethic. She works almost every single weak and doesn’t take time off to relax.

She is always heavily involved with WWE and that also sometimes affects her performance. Many people believe that she does all that to make sure that she doesn’t let her father’s legacy down.