Eric Bischoff on Wanting WCW to be More ‘Real’

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Eric Bischoff on Wanting WCW to be More ‘Real’

Eric Bischoff is the former president of the legendary promotion called the WCW. WCW nearly beat the WWE and put them out of business. They were the only promotion that ever gave the WWE any real competition. It was also a promotion that operated under Ted Turner and aired WCW Nitro on TNT.

All Elite Wrestling now airs its show on TNT and their show is called AEW Dynamite. Bischoff was on the Talk is Jericho podcast where he spoke about some of the creative decisions he took as the president of the WCW. Bischoff thought that making the WCW more ‘real’ is what will set it apart from the WWE.

It actually worked for a considerable amount of time and the WCW used to get extremely high ratings. This happened during the time when Hulk Hogan turned heel shortly after making his debut at WCW. "I was over there, kind of studying the differences in the way the product was presented over in Japan and how it is over here in the States.

And one of the things I noticed is it was so much more real there. The storylines, the characters, the action in the ring [were] all more reality-based and here in the United States, it was more characters, kind of comedy and cartoonish.

And I was kind of watching the inter-company wars and that kind of thing. And that's where the idea started." Bischoff added, "Scott [Hall] became available; Kevin Nash became available; and what started out as a loose idea I had became a reality."