Xavier Woods on Being Away from The WWE

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Xavier Woods on Being Away from The WWE

The New Day held another episode of The New Day: Feel The Power recently. The show is hosted by all three members of The New Day. The members are Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E. They spoke about various professional wrestling topics.

Woods is currently “offseason” according to him. He says that because he is injured and cannot compete in the WWE right now. He spoke about his WWE schedule nonetheless. He stated that his current WWE stint is similar to an “offseason”.

He is in the WWE’s injured list and has been away for quite some time. In fact, he has never taken this much time off to recover from an injury in the past. Woods himself stated that he started wrestling at the age of 17 and this is the first time that he had to take so much time off.

"It's great! I'm 33 [years old] now. I've been wrestling since I was 17. All throughout college, I didn't join fraternities or go to parties. I was wrestling five days a week and I've been doing that for this amount of time.

So this is the first time I've ever been off for more than like three months. So legit, as soon as it happened, I was like, 'that's it - I'm going to be awhile. I'm just going to eat.' I'm starting to get a gut." Woods added, "I feel great, but now I've got to start training again."