Big E Praises Bill Goldberg

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Big E Praises Bill Goldberg

The New Day is one of WWE’s top groups. Ever since they debuted a few years ago, they have performed really well together. They have won a few very important titles since they started working together. The New Day consists of Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston.

Kofi Kingston is a former WWE Champion and one of the best wrestlers in the company right now. He faced some top wrestlers in the WWE while holding the WWE title. Big E is the largest member in the group and is a legitimate heavyweight.

He used to work as a solo performer before he became part of The New Day. He regularly performs in the ring as a member of the New Day and sometimes in 1 v 1 matches. On his podcast, he revealed that he wants to fight Goldberg and has immense respect for the former WCW Star.

Goldberg will fight Bray Wyatt at the WWE Super Showdown event soon. It will be an exciting match indeed. "I grew up in Florida, the south, so WCW was a little bit bigger," Big E explained. "So we've been asked this a few times, so we're kind of used to it.

The way I do it, the one, the only, Goldberg! Yeah, man. Football was king when I was a kid. And I played football as a little kid and I played in college. And Goldberg played for the [Atlanta] Falcons. He just had that mystique, that massive, carved from stone… the way he came out. I don't know why he had that much security!”