David Hart Smith on The Bump

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David Hart Smith on The Bump

The Bump held a special Valentin’s Day Edition. The Bump is a WWE digital platform. A special appearance was made by WWE Tag Team Champion David Hart Smith. He was known as Davey Boy Smith Jr. The video is available on YouTube.

During the episode, Natalya and Tyson Kidd also appeared as in-studio guests. They met Cesaro online, who is Kidd’s former tag partner. He joined them via satellite. Kidd is currently working in the WWE as a producer. They then spoke about the time that they spent together in the WWE.

"I just want to say I have a huge amount of respect for Mr. Cesaro," Smith said. "I really appreciate that he gets to show his athletic ability in the ring, and someday hopefully we can... we've never matched up or anything, but hopefully one day we can share the squared circle."

Cesaro stated that he too wants to get in the ring with Smith one day and have a good pro wrestling match. Smith quit the WWE back in 2011. He was moderately successful in the WWE. He started working for promotions such as NJPW, MLW, and a few others.

He succeeded and reached the top of most other promotions that he worked for. We do not know whether he is in talks with the WWE or not. We might see him return to the WWE, as the WWE definitely wouldn’t mind adding him to their roster as he is quite popular.