Triple H on Shayna Baszler’s Bite Incident

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Triple H on Shayna Baszler’s Bite Incident

Shayna Baszler is a former NXT Women’s Champion and is one of the best wrestlers in the NXT women’s division. She has a background in Catch Wrestling, an art that evolved in Professional Wrestling. Baszler was trained by the legendary Josh Barnett, who is one of the best Catch Wrestler’s on the planet.

Baszler appeared on RAW this week and attacked Becky Lynch. Lynch won her match against Asuka this week. After the match, Baszler attacked Lynch. She then bit Lynch’s neck and was Lynch appeared to bleed after the match.

Triple H spoke about Baszler on a media call. He was asked whether or not Baszler is now part of the RAW main roster after this. "Well I'm scared to see her here – I don't wanna get bitten. She's got sharp teeth and it's a scary thing and I'm wearing a big collar today just in case," joked Triple H.

"I think that will play out. There's a fascinating thing for me with that in that there was a ton of buzz going into Survivor Series with Becky Lynch. Her rise to where she is has been insane and I'm so happy for her, but you have to have that base of opponents”.

This is probably going to start a very exciting feud between Lynch and Baszler. They might even fight each other at WrestleMania 36.