Cedric Alexander Reportedly Frustrated

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Cedric Alexander Reportedly Frustrated

Cedric Alexander is a WWE Raw Superstar. He indicated that he is not happy with how the WWE is handling him. "Frustrated is an understatement," Cedric wrote on Twitter. This tweet is now on top of his entire Twitter feed.

Cedric made this tweet just after a few reports surfaced about his WWE status. Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Radio stated that Cedric is not currently being used by the WWE and the Creative team has absolutely no plans for him.

Paul Davis of Wrestlingnews.co then reported that he has no issues backstage. Vince McMahon and Cedric are quite cool with each other, but Vince does not think that Cedric has the potential to become a big star. The report also stated that Vince listens to Paul Heyman most of the time, but not all the time.

He stated that Vince can be “close-minded” at times. The report also revealed that Vince gave up on Cedric a long-time ago. According to a report that was released in September 2019, Vince made Cedric fight AJ Styles in his home-town at the Clash of Champions PPV.

The idea was to bury him in his hometown even though Paul Heyman wanted to push him. The match was moved to the Kick-off show at that time. Heyman actually wanted to build a slow push for him.