Kurt Angle talks about the NXT product

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Kurt Angle talks about the NXT product

Kurt Angle is the only wrestler in history to have held the WWE Championship, the WCW Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship (six-kingdom record) and the IWGP Third Belt Championship.

He was also a free-fight world champion in 1995, in the heavyweight category, and Olympic champion at the 1996 Atlanta games in the same category. He is a WWE and TNA legend, and is considered by many to be the most technical wrestler of all time.

With great charisma, in 2010 he was elected by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter as the best fighter of the 21st century. Interviewed by Sportskeeda and Gary Cassidy, Angle talked about the NXT product: “I think NXT is a great brand.

I think Triple H has done an incredible job with that. But you know what? It is still the ‘training ground’ for RAW and SmackDown. These guys might have a little more leeway than the guys on RAW and SmackDown. They get more time in their matches than the guys on RAW and SmackDown.

If you watch any NXT TakeOver, every match is 30 minutes. Guys and girls on RAW and SmackDown, they don’t get that kind of time so I wouldn’t say they are the better product, I would say they have more freedom on what they want to do”.