Trevor Murdoch on talent getting opportunities in the NWA

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Trevor Murdoch on talent getting opportunities in the NWA

Trevor Murdoch joined TNA on April 23, 2009 as Jethro Holliday, forming a team with Eric Young to participate in Team 3D Invitional Tag Team Tournament by beating No Limit but losing the next round against Beer Money. Holiday turned heel and decided to have a feud with Abyss who will end up losing in Hard Justice.

After that he is used as a Jobber to eventually be fired. In May 2011 Murdoch returned to WWE by doing two dark matches. The First in Raw loses against Evan Bourne and the second in SmackDown of the same week against Jey Uso always losing.

Speaking on Prime Time with Sean Mooney, he reflected on talent getting opportunities in the NWA: “The only way, one of the main reasons the company is going to survive is if the company goes along with what the people are wanting.

And what I mean by that is if the fans are getting fired up behind a Ricky Starks, there’s no political bullshit in the back man. Well, they’re getting behind Ricky, we’re going with Ricky. Getting behind Eli, we’re going with Eli.

They’re getting behind Ken, we’re going with Ken. They’re getting by Nick Aldis, we’ll go with Nick Aldis. And it’s the place that a worker wants to come because if you’re going out and you’re producing, you’re putting good matches out, you’ve got the people behind you in whatever form you need – heel or baby face – and you’re doing your job, you’re going to get rewarded.

You’re going to start getting more. You’re going to be start being put in more high-pressure situations. That’s how the wrestling business should be, and at one time was like that”.