Bayley talks about the reaction to her change in gimmick

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Bayley talks about the reaction to her change in gimmick

Bayley is under contract with WWE, where she fights on the SmackDown roster and where she is the current holder of the SmackDown Women's Championship in her second reign. In WWE she won the Raw Women's Championship once, the SmackDown Women's Championship and the Women's Tag Team Championship (with Sasha Banks), while when she was in the NXT development territory she won the NXT Women's Championship once; she is therefore the only woman to have held all the titles currently in use in WWE.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Bayley talked about the reaction to her change in gimmick: “I have always taken a lot of flak, fans are always mean to me, what else is new. But who cares? I don’t take anything too personally, so that’s good.

A lot of people have said they don’t like my haircut and they want me to get a manager. They have been making fun of my hair too but it doesn’t get to me, these guys can make fun of me all they want. But I don’t like it when they overstep their boundaries, because I was never that sort of fan.

If you bump into me at the gym or in a restaurant and you want to say hi, then it’s OK, just don’t follow me”.