BIg E on Kofi Kingston Being Loved

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BIg E on Kofi Kingston Being Loved

Just like most famous WWE babyface groups, the WWE Universe loves the New Day and all of its members. They were quite talented solo performers before they started working as a team. The group consists of Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods.

Woods is currently injured and not performing with the group. Kofi Kingston, on the other hand, has achieved the most as a solo performer. He is a former WWE Champion. He won the title at WrestleMania 35 after beating Daniel Bryan, who was the WWE Champion at that time.

Kofi Kingston has stopped performing as a solo wrestler ever since he lost the WWE Title to Brock Lesnar a few months ago. Big E was with The New Day in their podcast. On the podcast. He spoke about Kofi Kingston being loved backstage.

"The thing is we always laud Kofi as this great human being," Big E said. "Everyone does. Everyone in the locker room. One of the most beloved people in the locker room you'll ever meet in [pro] wrestling. This man is talked about as one of the greatest people ever and when you play him in a video game, you think, 'maybe I was wrong.'

" Kofi was also WWE’s first-ever African WWE Champion. He made a few headlines and fought some of WWE’s best wrestlers before dropping the title to Lesnar.