Sheamus talks about how he feels better than ever

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Sheamus talks about how he feels better than ever

After joining the main WWE roster in 2009, Sheamus became a four-time world champion, having held the WWE Championship three times and the World Heavyweight Championship once. He also conquered the United States Championship twice and, from 2016 to 2019, he teamed up with Cesaro winning for a record four times (as a tag team) the Raw Tag Team Championship and once the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

In addition to these titles, he won the King of the Ring (2010), the Royal Rumble (2012) and the Money in the Bank (2015), becoming the second ever wrestler (after Edge) to have won those awards. During a recent interview with CTV in Vancouver, the Irish superstar talked about how he feels better than ever: “Yeah you do.

You’ve clearly done your research. Sometimes with interviews, I can do a bunch of them, and it’s funny how like just things come around so much, and Wikipedia ends up like a lot of interviews and stuff. The first 10 years for me have been a dress rehearsal.

I feel like now with my YouTube channel, Celtic Warrior Workouts, I’m just so much more focused than I was when I first came into WWE I got a lot out of my system, you know what I mean, in the beginning where I had a great run, but I still feel like there was a lot left for me to achieve. And I felt like there was a lot of distractions in my career before that”.