Kamala Talks About His Health and Hulk Hogan

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Kamala Talks About His Health and Hulk Hogan

Kamala is a legendary WWE wrestler, who has competed against some of the best WWE legends of the past. His iconic face paint and unique move set was remarkable, even for today’s standard. Kamala appeared recently at The Dan Le Batard where he talked about wrestling Hulk Hogan while being under the influence of alcohol.

"I was going to the Nassau Coliseum to wrestle him," Kamala said. "I was drinking and got pretty near smashed, since I don't usually drink a lot. When I got there, I was too drunk to put the paint on my face.

Hogan said, 'We gotta go, brother. We've got a sell-out.' ... When I got in the ring, Hogan mostly had to hold me. He had to tell me what to do. He was telling me, 'Slam me, brother.' So, I would slam him and he'd tell me to pay my belly.

... I just couldn't think." He has also lost both his legs due to diabetes complications, and had to undergo surgery to remove fluid from the heart and lungs once. He was placed on life support after the surgery, but recovered.

"Both health-wise and financially, life has been really bad for me," Kamala said. "It's still bad, I'm just waiting until the time comes. I have to stay in the house all the time because I don't have a handicap vehicle.

Every once in a while they will try to get me up in the truck to take me for a ride because I'm on dialysis, but that's what I have to do to stay alive."