Vickie Guerrero on Eddie’s Pain Killers

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Vickie Guerrero on Eddie’s Pain Killers

Chris Jericho held the Talk is Jericho podcast recently. It took place on Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager At Sea cruise. Vickie, Shaul, and Chavo Guerrero were Jericho’s guest on that episode. Vickie spoke about Eddie Guerrero during the episode and spoke about his extreme personality.

Eddie also used to abuse drugs, which is what she spoke about. Vickie stated that Eddie had two very different sides. Eddie used plenty of pain killers to deal with his injuries. "The thing to do when guys got hurt, instead of missing work, they took pills, and so, to me, I thought it was the norm at first," Vickie admitted.

"I thought everything is okay - he's just trying to cover up his injuries, but then I started seeing that I was driving him everywhere. I was picking him up because he couldn't function. I mean, what y'all saw in the ring, he would turn on his lights in the ring.

He loved what he did, but coming home, it was a mess”. "I mean, it was two sides of Eddie. There was Eddie, he didn't like the drugs, but the drugs liked him and he fought that all the time”. Eddie Guerrero was a very popular WWE superstar. His character and gimmick was a unique one and that gained him a lot of fans. Eddie sadly passed away a few years ago.