News on Tito Ortiz at WWE Performance Center


News on Tito Ortiz at WWE Performance Center

Tito Ortiz is a UFC Hall of Famer and one of the MMA’s top fighters of all time. It seems like we will see him perform for the WWE in the near future. Ortiz appeared at the WWE Performance Center last week. This is a report by PWInsider.

His visit was a simple introductory meeting between him and the WWE officials. He will need to visit the WWE PC multiple times over the course of several days. The WWE and Tito are testing each other out to see how they can work together in the future, reportedly.

Tito has stated clearly that he is a life-long professional wrestling fan so he will most likely wrestle professionally in the future. Ortiz is now 45 years old. He was with Wrestling Inc. in December where he promoted his fight with Alberto Del Rio, who is a former WWE Champion.

He also expressed an interest in becoming a professional wrestler. "You don't understand, I'm a huge wrestling fan and not even just a wrestling fan, I've always wanted to be a professional wrestler," Ortiz said. "Just because I know I could smash guys; I don't think guys would last that long with me, honestly.

As far as the acrobatics and everything, I can pull these things off, I can do these things. I know the moves, I've done the moves, I put myself through camps before with professional wrestlers”.

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