Kofi Kingston on Most Painful Match

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Kofi Kingston on Most Painful Match

Professional wrestling is definitely not an easy job. Many people believe that it is fake and that the moves don’t hurt. Well, they do hurt and many wrestler get injured every year. Wrestling is also a very risky job, and neck injuries are pretty common.

Many injuries can result in death or total paralysis. Kofi Kingston started working for the WWE about 12 years ago. He won his first WWE Championship title at WrestleMania 35. He fought Daniel Bryan for the title and won it. It was his career’s greatest achievement.

Kofi was on The New Day’s podcast recently and he spoke about the one painfull match that he had during his career. Usually, most of his matches require him to take multiple bumps which hurt a lot. His match was against Eric Rowan.

Rowan landed a hard chair shot on him that nearly made him cry. "Yeah, and actually, this is the most pain I've ever felt in a [pro] wrestling match," Kingston confessed. "So bro, I almost cried on television because Rowan hit me so hard in the back with a steel chair.

And to everybody who's like, 'they ain't real chairs, is they?' Oh, they're real! And Rowan hit me so hard and immediately my eyes start welling up with tears. I'm just like, 'oh,' and I'm almost about to cry”.