Kofi Kingston on Getting Angry at AJ Styles

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Kofi Kingston on Getting Angry at AJ Styles

Kofi Kingston is one of the most well-known WWE babyfaces in the WWE right now. He is part of The New Day which is one of the top WWE groups. The New Day is made up of Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E. All 3 members were fantastic solo professional wrestlers before they were put in a group together.

Kofi Kingston was on the road to WrestleMania 35 once to face Daniel Bryan for the WWE title. He shared a part of that journey on The New Day’s podcast. He actually got genuinely angry at AJ Styles once during his journey.

AJ told Kofi to give up which was part of the storyline. Kofi responded to that for real. "So eventually me and AJ get in there and AJ's picking me up and he's telling me, 'oh, it's okay, man. You did good, kid.

You don't have any shame.' And yes, everything we do is, like, storyline related. Do you know what I'm saying? What we do is storyline-driven, but at the same time, like, there's always that element of reality.

And I fired back on AJ and told him, 'I've been waiting for this moment for 11 years and you're telling me to stop? To quit and go home after getting this close?' Do you know what I'm saying?”