Sonya Deville discusses the WWE locker room

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Sonya Deville discusses the WWE locker room

In the SmackDown episode of January 31th, the Fire & Desire were in the backstage reaching the Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker), where Mandy thanked Otis for saving her during the Royal Rumble, the boy was then encouraged by Tucker and invited Rose to an appointment for the following Friday, a proposal that Mandy refused because she has commitments, but postponed the release for the other Friday, on Valentine's day; subsequently, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose faced Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, attacking them forcefully before the match, only to be defeated.

Shortly after Fastlane, the dissolution angle between Deville and Rose was once again portrayed as both accidentally cost each other matches against SmackDown Women's Champion Asuka. Both Deville and Rose competed in the second WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal during the WrestleMania 35 pre–show, however, they were one of the last competitors eliminated from the match.

In a recent interview to, Deville discussed the WWE locker room: “Yeah, I don’t think I got that stigma so bad as the other people because I had the MMA background. So I think they just looked at me as like a fighter that made the transition from MMA to WWE.

Not so much the reality stuff on Tough Enough, because I was only on the show for like three weeks. I didn’t get that stigma as bad as [Miz] or any of them”.