Sonya Deville explains how Bayley is a leader backstage

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Sonya Deville explains how Bayley is a leader backstage

With the Shake-up on April 17th, Sonya Deville has moved to SmackDown, and with her also Mandy Rose, where their stable is renamed Fire & Desire. In the SmackDown episode of May 15th, Sonya participated in a Triple Threat qualifying match for the Money in the Bank Ladder match which also included Becky Lynch and Mandy Rose, but the match was won by the first.

In May, Deville and Rose were given the opportunity to choose between each other who would be the last competitor for the Money in the Bank ladder match at the namesake pay–per–view on May 19. Deville, who insisted on Rose getting the spot, tried to climb the ladder and help Rose win the match, however, Bayley was able to fight them off and retrieve the briefcase.

During a recent interview to, she explained how Bayley is a leader backstage: “Bayley is definitely one—she’s like the locker room leader always. She’s someone you could go to for advice or if you have questions about how things work or whoever it was, she’s definitely just a natural leader in the locker room.

Becky was someone that I always went to too. Becky’s cool because she’s one of those people that leads by example. She’s not going to tell you what to do with your life, but she just carries herself in a way that’s admirable”.