Liv Morgan on playing a bully as part of the Riott Squad

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Liv Morgan on playing a bully as part of the Riott Squad

Liv Morgan made her main roster debut as heel in the SmackDown episode of November 21, 2017, along with Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan, with whom she formed the Riott Squad; the three attacked Becky Lynch and Naomi in the backstage and, subsequently, intervened during the titled match between Charlotte Flair and Natalya, making him end in a no-contest.

Morgan was promoted to the main roster in 2017 and was paired with Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan to form the stable The Riott Squad. After the stable disbanded in 2019, Morgan became a singles competitor. On the January 27, episode of Raw, Morgan defeated Lana, and once again defeated her the next week, only to be attacked by a returning Ruby Riott.

In a long interview with the New York Post, she reflected on playing a bully as part of the Riott Squad: “Yeah, and I was not a bully in high school, so it was just so fun to play and I just dove right into it. I was surprised how it all ended up working out, just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks.

A blue tongue ended up sticking. I was so wild. I had so much fun. I have a very close friendship with Sonya Deville, so I spoke to her, and the details of those conversations I’m politely not going to share with you, Joe (laughs). But everything’s fine. Everything’s cool."