Eric Bishoff Talks About Sheamus and Rodman

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Eric Bishoff Talks About Sheamus and Rodman

Dennis Rodman will be part of a WWE Network Documentary. Many people now believe that this will lead to him being inducted into the Hall of Fame as a celebrity inductee. Rodman was actually part of the NWO for a short time. Eric Bischoff spoke about his possible induction on his podcast.

"If it was me, and I was on the Hall of Fame committee, or I was the person making that decision, or whatever the process is, you would have to consider it, because Dennis is a pretty high-profile individual," said Bischoff.

Bischoff didn’t comment on who he thinks should induct Rodman into the WWE Hall of Fame as he wanted to avoid taking names. He then spoke about his short time as the Executive Director of Smackdown. He stated that hew as looking forward to working with Sheamus before he departed.

He was replaced last year in October. "I thought Sheamus was somebody that I was really, really excited to work with because I think there's far more potential there than we've seen," said Bischoff. "There's a fresh character there that, at least, I saw in my head.

It may not have worked. But I saw it in my head and I was anxious to try to make it work." Sheamus was part of some huge WWE storylines in the past. Even after reinventing himself, he never really rose to the top of WWE.