Matt Hardy on Leaving the WWE

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Matt Hardy on Leaving the WWE

Even though Matt Hardy was one of the most recognized superstars, he was never afraid to work outside the WWE. Hardy is well-known for his work in the WWE with his brother, Jeff Hardy. Together, they formed the Hardy Boyz, which according to many is one of the best tag teams in the history of professional wrestling.

Matt Hardy let his contract expire and is currently a free agent. We have seen him work for several different promotions in the past. Impact Wrestling is where he started his Broken character and that is what made him famous again in the world of professional wrestling.

He recently appeared for an interview with PWInsider. He spoke about walking away from WWE. "The reason I just walked away is like I know I can do more and with sometimes with WWE it's a huge system. I have a great respect for it.

It's an enormous machines obviously all across the world, but if you are kind of in Vince's mind in a certain role, that's where he's going to keep you and you can't get out of it. I want to get into an environment where I can kind of excel and do other things."

It is true that Matt Hardy does not have a lot left in his tank. We might see him work for All Elite Wrestling and even retire there. We do not know whether Hardy is actually officially part of AEW or not yet though.