The Usos on Looking like Roman Reigns

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The Usos on Looking like Roman Reigns

The Usos were the best WWE Tag Team in WWE at one time. They won the most important title in WWE and developed a huge fan base. They fought some of the best WWE Tag Teams that were present at that time and were able to beat most of them.

They also had a few very lengthy title reigns. The Usos appeared as guests on The New Day: Feel The Power podcast. The Usos spoke about turning heel in WWE. Jey stated that they stopped painting their faces as soon as they turned heel.

They stated that they started looking too much like Roman Reigns after they started wearing black. "Yeah, use [there was resistance to Usos giving up the face paint]. Obviously, for the heel change, we needed to change everything, but they were saying when they had first seen us working in all black, it was like, 'you guys look too much like Roman.

Don't look like Roman.' 'Man, who the hell else are we supposed to look like? We're in the same gene pool, uce.' Like, we fought to get that [face paint] off. They wanted us to keep it, but in my mind it wasn't going to work."

Jey said. Roman Reigns will most likely square off against Goldberg at WrestleMania 36. Reigns is one of WWE’s top babyfaces. Reigns is a fan favorite at the moment.