Paige recalls her first WrestleMania match

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Paige recalls her first WrestleMania match

In July 2012, following the closure of the FCW, she switched to NXT, Paige made her debut on the main WWE roster. On April 9, 2018 she announced her retirement from wrestling struggled due to constant neck problems, but remained in the federation with the role of manager and commentator.

Speaking with Inside the Ropes, she recalled her first WrestleMania match: “Dude, it gives me chills just thinking about it. Because you know, I come from a little city of Norwich where not a lot of people have come out of there and been a success, right? So it just felt really wild to have that and then go to WWE, where you dream of being but you never thought you would be because you’re not the typical diva back then.

Like, I didn’t look like any of those girls. All those girls were so beautiful, you had your Kelly Kellys, you know. And they were just so gorgeous. And then you had me, like this scruffy little pale goth who comes in with piercings and stuff like that, who doesn’t even know how to brush her hair.

Still doesn’t know how to brush her hair. But apparently people like it, they liked it. But yeah, to get that WrestleMania moment too was wonderful."