Ryback on Ricochet Being Buried

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Ryback on Ricochet Being Buried

Ricochet is a former WWE United States Champion and was one of WWE’s top prospects. He is a former NXT wrestler. Before joined NXT, he was a very well-known indie wrestler and one of the most technically correct wrestlers in the WWE.

He recently challenged Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title at Super Showdown. He got squashed in that match. He then lost to Riddick Moss at a RAW event. That match was for the WWE 24/7 title. Many people believe that Ricochet is on his way to getting buried.

Ryback, a former WWE Intercontinental Champion, spoke about Ricochet getting buried on his podcast. "It's odd where this started – and we talked about this where I wasn't thrilled with how Bobby Lashley was being used to set up Ricochet to go up against Lesnar and get squashed.

Sure enough, it was a typical Brock match," Ryback said. "He has a great look actually. I thought they were gonna put the 24/7 Title on Ricochet and restart the build again which makes sense. But then he lost and I don't know.

Then I saw some things where it said Vince is giving up on him,” said Ryback. Ryback has been very critical of WWE ever since he left the company. He believes that Vince McMahon is ruining the WWE and he is not handling the company very well.