Daniel Bryan to Become a Part-Time Wrestler?

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Daniel Bryan to Become a Part-Time Wrestler?

Daniel Bryan had to retire twice and he always came back. He is one of WWE’s top wrestlers. It appears that he will be a part-time wrestler soon. Bryan was on the podcast that is hosted by The Bella Twins. He stated that the WWE will be giving him six weeks off as his wife is going to give birth to his second child.

"WWE has been great, they're going to give me 6 weeks of maternity leave," Bryan said. "Which so few places in the United States do that. So, I'll get to be home that first 6 weeks, but after that it's not long until my contract is up."

"And that's the thing - I love being a dad. I will always love wrestling. I will always love wrestling," Bryan said. "And I will always want to do wrestling, but when I say 'always want to do wrestling' that means maybe once a month, or once every couple of months."

Some part-time wrestlers are actually paid really well in The WWE. Part-timers are also given a lot of credit for what they do. Some of them even perform really well, even if they wrestle only a few matches each year. Bryan may need time to recover from injuries anyway. He has had a history of concussions and working too hard might result in more. It is not a bad thing for Bryan.