WWE on Staff Being Screened for Coronavirus

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WWE on Staff Being Screened for Coronavirus

The World Health Organisation declared Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a global pandemic now. It is an extremely dangerous virus and is highly contagious. Many sports events around the world have been canceled due to it. Many businesses have had to close their doors, and offices are not operating anymore, and even schools have had to suspend their activities.

WWE has continued most of its event in its Performance Center. WWE recently made a statement to Sports Illustrated about their staff and talents being tested for coronavirus. All of the staff members are required to take the test and go through a screening process before they enter the WWE Performance Center.

The statement is as follows: "In consultation with WWE Medical Director Dr. Maroon, WWE Associate Medical Director Dr. Dugas and ringside physician Dr. Westerfield, as a best practice and precautionary measure all WWE performers and staff are required to participate in medical screenings prior to entering WWE's training center, which is now operating as a closed set."

WWE has also established a series of protocols that were given to them by the World Health Organization. This is to make sure that the risk of spreading the coronavirus is kept to a minimum. Even though some countries are taking huge measure to contain the virus, they are still not able to stop its spread.

So far, no WWE star has been infected, but some sports stars have been infected by it, especially NBA stars. Hollywood actors such as Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, and Idris Elba have also been affected by Coronavirus.