Jerry Lawler on WWE holding Wrestlemania in Orlando

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Jerry Lawler on WWE holding Wrestlemania in Orlando

In his long career Jerry Lawler has won 168 titles; overall he held more titles than any other wrestler who ever fought in WWE, although he never won any title in the Vince McMahon federation. Lawler has held more recognized championships than any professional wrestler in history, though he has never won any championships in WWE having wrestled sporadically whilst primarily providing color commentary, since joining the company.

In 2007, Lawler was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. In a recent interview with Commercial Appeal, he commented on WWE holding Wrestlemania at the Performance Center: “Man, oh man. I don’t know. You’ve got all those big matches already signed.

Edge and Randy Orton. Brock Lesnar against Drew McIntyre. Undertaker and A.J. Styles. All those big, huge matches taking place in front of no fans. And, the Performance Center is not much bigger than the old Channel 5 studio (where ‘Memphis Wrestling’ was filmed).

I don’t know — everything’s changing by the minute now. (But) the WWE has always been and still is a TV company and pay-per-view company. Who knows, this may end up breaking every pay-per-view record there is”.

Originally scheduled to take place on April 5, 2020 at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, WrestleMania 36 was relocated due to the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic. It will only be attended by essential personnel, and will be the first WWE pay-per-view event unattended by fans, and the first WrestleMania to be split across two nights.