Jerry Lawler on faking the crowd noise in Orlando

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Jerry Lawler on faking the crowd noise in Orlando

It seems that the news about WrestleMania 36 does not seem to stop. After the announcement of a WrestleMania divided into two evenings on Thursday, 19th March, it now seems that there is still some surprise at stake for the most tormented edition of WrestleMania ever.

WrestleMania 36 will be played in multiple locations. It seems that WWE intends to offer part of the show separately, always without an audience and only the staff necessary for the production of the event. It is not yet known which venues will host the show.

During a long interview with Commercial Appeal, Jerry Lawler reflected on faking the crowd noise: “I’ve been to (football) training camps where the players go through their practice sessions with loud music or crowd noise piped in.

I don’t think it would hurt anything at all if they piped in some crowd noise behind the matches. And even explain it to the fans. It’ll make the matches more entertaining and it’ll make it easier for the performers themselves.

That’s our obstacle (now). How do you entertain when you don’t have a live audience? That’s how you judge whether you’re being entertained or not — the crowd response. When nobody’s there, you can’t tell”.

For WWE, this is an unprecedented decision and unfortunately, this "pandemic" from COVID-19 has distorted the plans of the federation which, as you knew, was originally to take place at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida.