“I Wasn’t There” WrestleMania 36 Merc Released

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“I Wasn’t There” WrestleMania 36 Merc Released

The WWE Shop is taking full advantage of the WrestleMania 36’s no fans allowed rule. WrestleMania 36 will take place inside WWE’s Performance Center. For the first time in the history of WWE, the event will take place inside an empty arena.

Only the performers and staff members will be at the event. A t-shirt that reads “I Wasn’t There” is available on the store for $27.99. It also reads “Too Big for One Night”. This is because WrestleMania 36 will take place over 2 nights instead of the one night that is usually takes place.

The second shit is also for $27.99 and has a few WWE Superstars in the front. It also has the same messages as the first shirt on it. WrestleMania 36 is scheduled to take place on the 4th of April, 2020 and on the 5th of April, 2020.

It will be available on the WWE Network and on traditional PPV. As usual, No crowd will be present during both nights. The original venue for the event was the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The entire WrestleMania 36 Week events were also canceled due to the pandemic.

The WrestleMania 36 card has remained unchanged for the most part. Some people reported that WrestleMania 36 might be a taped event and might not actually be a live event. A few exciting matches are lined up for the event. Roman Reigns will wrestle Bill Golberg for the WWE Universal Title and The Undertaker will fight AJ Styles.

These are the two big matches that will take place at the event. Goldberg won the title at WWE Super Showdown after wrestling The Fiend.