Gail Kim on Matt Hardy’s Comments and Gimmick

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Gail Kim on Matt Hardy’s Comments and Gimmick

Matt Hardy is one half of the legendary The Hardy Boyz. The wrestler is a legendary wrestler and he is one of the greatest performers in the history of WWE. Hardy is now an All Elite Wrestling wrestler. He joined the AEW as soon as his WWE contract expired.

Matt recently praised Impact Wrestling on Twitter and some Impact Wrestling stars noticed that. Gail Kim spoke about Matt’s comment on The Wrestling Inc. Daily. "I love it. Matt had a really great experience with us and I'm not surprised that he had a positive reaction to us.

Broken Matt Hardy was born in Impact Wrestling and I think he had great memories. Impact has always been a great place for camaraderie and feeling like a family," said Kim. "I love going to work and I'm sad when I leave.

That's how everyone should feel when going to work especially within our job. I always leave on a high." Matt Hardy regained the prominence he once had by inventing the Broken Matt Hardy character at Impact Wrestling about 5 years ago.

He managed to form a huge fan following and that led to him rejoining the WWE. In WWE, he was eventually given the Woken Matt Hardy character. Along with his Woken gimmick, he also ran a small YouTube series that helped him communicate with his fans directly and promote his matches.

He also spoke about various professional wrestling topics on that series sometimes. The Woken Matt Hardy character never got the creative team behind him. That was probably one of the reasons why Hardy left WWE. According to various reports, he didn’t think WWE would use him creatively in a direction he wanted.