Matt Hardy discusses the foundation of the Broken Matt character

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Matt Hardy discusses the foundation of the Broken Matt character

Matt Hardy's career in the world of wrestling began in 1992, although on a professional level he made his debut in 1998 in the then World Wrestling Federation (WWF), where he teamed up with his brother Jeff Hardy until 2002 and, again, between 2017 and 2020.

On March 2, Hardy announced his departure from WWE through his official YouTube channel, where Hardy said that while he's grateful towards the people behind the scenes, he said he is also on different pages with WWE as he feels he needs to have creative input and still has more to give.

Later that day, WWE announced that his contract has expired. On the latest edition of 'Talk Is Jericho', he discussed the foundation of the Broken Matt character: “So I started thinking about it and trying to apply the life of a vampire who has lived 2000 years to a wrestling character and then what I came up with was, what if something happened to me, where it’s like this big traumatic incident, ended up being Jeff diving off the top of the Impact Zone, that broke me.

But it opened up parts of my mind, and I used more of my mind than a regular human does, and I become conscious of where my soul has been in different bodies, in different vessels, so you have a soul that lives in a vessel, a body, for so long, and then that vessel dies, and then it moves on to the next one. And that was my whole motivation behind creating Broken Matt”.