Sonya Deville describes life on the road in WWE

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Sonya Deville describes life on the road in WWE

In the summer of 2015 Sonya Deville participated in the WWE reality show, Tough Enough, placing herself in tenth place. During the 2018 Superstar Shake-up, both Deville and Rose were drafted to SmackDown, but Paige declared they would not receive special treatment and that Absolution is over.

Throughout the summer, Deville would continue her alliance with Rose as the two remained a tag team and competed in various singles and tag team matches. On October 28, Deville also took part of the first ever all women's pay–per–view, WWE Evolution, competing in a battle royal match where she was eliminated by Rose.

In May, Deville and Rose were given the opportunity to choose between each other who would be the last competitor for the Money in the Bank ladder match at the namesake pay–per–view on May 19. Deville, who insisted on Rose getting the spot, tried to climb the ladder and help Rose win the match, however, Bayley was able to fight them off and retrieve the briefcase.

Speaking with AM New York, she described life on the road in WWE: “It’s crazy, I love it. I’m young and don’t have kids, so it’s easier for me. I feel bad for the moms and dads that are on the road all year.

It is the hardest part of the job, you never get to stay in one place for too long”. On her relationship with Mandy Rose: “We are like sisters, and we both love food. As we were traveling and encountering all sorts of food, we decided to start DAMANDYZ DONUTS as a sort of review show. It started on YouTube and just kind of took off – people enjoyed seeing this side of us”.