Different Camera Angle Used on RAW

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Different Camera Angle Used on RAW

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, WWE had to move almost all of its shows to the WWE Performance Center. Any kind of gathering can be extremely dangerous for the people that are a part of it. The coronavirus is highly contagious and is known to cause lung damage.

A different angle was used on RAW which aired on the USA Network this week. It took place at WWE’s Performance Center. This is the second time we saw RAW air from the PC. WWE used a different camera angle this time to hide the empty seats that were in the arena.

It apparently worked, as empty seats could hardly be seen during the show. AEW Dynamite used a similar setting when they held this show this week. Ring of Honor used this camera angle for many years. It actually doesn’t let the viewers get distracted by the crowd behind the wrestlers.

RAW and Smackdown received criticism for showing empty seats during the show. Many people considered it a distraction. The change received praise from fans on social media. It appears that the change actually worked really well for the legendary wrestling promotion.

Due to the Corvid-19, many wrestling promotions had to cancel events, or hold their events inside an empty arena. Only a few promotions could actually afford to do that. Many just resorted to canceling events altogether. Various other sports events also had to be canceled.

Various celebrities and sports stars have tested positive for the virus. Some people report that the virus was actually quite terrible and had long-lasting effects on people that contracted it.