Drew McIntyre talks about Paul Heyman

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Drew McIntyre talks about Paul Heyman

In his WWE career, Drew McIntyre won the Intercontinental Championship once, twice the Raw Tag Team Championship (once with Cody Rhodes, when the title was known as WWE Tag Team Championship, and once with Dolph Ziggler) and the edition 2020 of the Royal Rumble match; when he was in the NXT development territory, he once held the NXT Championship.

In TNA, however, he once conquered the World Heavyweight Championship and once the Grand Championship, in addition to the 2016 edition of the Feast or Fired. The Scottish superstar returned to WWE in April 2017 and joined the developmental brand NXT, first appearing at NXT TakeOver: Orlando.

He won the NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III, becoming the first man to win the title in his TakeOver in-ring debut as well as the first WWE Superstar to hold it after having previously won a main roster championship.

Upon returning to the main roster in 2018, he won the Raw Tag Team Championship with Dolph Ziggler, and won the 2020 Men's Royal Rumble match. In a long interview with TalkSPORT, he talked about Paul Heyman: “Heyman is somebody who has always got Drew McIntyre, even back in the 3MB days.

He would still give me some positive feedback. What I could do, what I could try and pitch – he was always in my corner. Obviously outside of the company I worked with Evolve with Gabe Sapolsky who is Paul Heyman’s protege and I was the face of Evolve for a long time, so it’s pretty cool that Paul was keeping tabs with Gabe.

I was able to work with the protege and finally come back to work with the master and when he finally got ahold of it and got more power, I thought I wouldn’t be surprised if I got more freedom. It’s because somebody knows Drew McIntyre better than I know Drew McIntyre and that’s Paul Heyman”.