Bret Hart Speaks About Recommending Steve Austin

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Bret Hart Speaks About Recommending Steve Austin

Stone Cold Seve Austin is one of the most successful WWE wrestlers of all time. He was one of the main attractions during the Attitude Era. He is well-known for his feud with Vince McMahon during the Attitude Era which helped WWE beat WCW in TV ratings.

Steve Austin actually worked for the WCW before he joined the WWE. Not many people know this, but it was Bret Hart who actually recommended Steve Austin, as he liked how Steve worked in WCW. Steve Austin and Bret Hart spoke about this on the Borken Skull Sessions.

"You know, this is a true story that people don't know. I was going to Vince all the time trying to bring new guys in," Hart proclaimed. "I remember talking about you. You, I think, had just signed with ECW.

And I said 'Why didn't you guys grab Steve Austin? He was free, he was available. You're looking for new guys all the time, he's one of the best guys down there.' I talked to Vince about it, and I remember the next week, you were sitting in the dressing room."

Bret Hart left the WWE shortly after Steve Austin joined WWE. The Montreal Screw Job took place in 1997. After that, Bret actually left the WWE and made his debut in WCW shortly after that. According to many, Bret is the best and most creative wrestler of all time.

His entire family was very well known in the world of professional wrestling. Bret never worked for the WWE again after he retired from professional wrestling. He did appear on WWE Tv, but never wrestled after that.