Tommy Dreamer on wrestling Bob Holly for nine minutes while unconscious

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Tommy Dreamer on wrestling Bob Holly for nine minutes while unconscious

With the closure of ECW in 2001, Tommy Dreamer followed federation owner Paul Heyman to World Wrestling Entertainment where he continued to fight as 'Tommy Dreamer' He won the Hardcore Championship several times and started a new feud with Raven, fighting him again in a RAW episode on June 24, 2002.

Dreamer is best known for his tenures with Extreme Championship Wrestling in the 1990s and early 2000s and with World Wrestling Entertainment (previously the World Wrestling Federation), primarily from 2001 to 2010. During this time he held numerous championships including the ECW World Heavyweight Championship (which he held twice, being the only man to capture the title in both the original ECW and WWE's ECW brand).

He has also held the ECW World Tag Team Championship and WWF/E Hardcore Championship. On the latest edition of Dark Side of the Ring: After Dark, he commented on wrestling Bob Holly for nine minutes while unconscious: “I was slapped by Bob Holly and was out on my feet on a match on Velocity and I wrestled for nine minutes, unconscious, and I woke up with him giving me his finish.

And I don’t remember the match, I remember nothing until waking up, and I was like, why am I sleeping in the middle of the ring, and then the match was over and the ref was like get out of the ring. But I was out for at least six, seven minutes but I was on autopilot and finished the entire match and I was fine, except for then I kept repeating to Bob, ‘Hey man, how was everything,’ because I didn’t really know Bob, Bob’s a bit of a, he was a bit of a jerk back then, but it actually made us closer, and then I confided in him, because I was new to WWE and I was like, ‘Um, I don’t remember the match after you slapped me.’ And he was like, ‘Really?’ And he goes, ‘You were great.’ And I was like, ‘Maybe I should wrestle more unconscious.' ”