Arn Anderson on Ric Flair’s Spending Habits

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Arn Anderson on Ric Flair’s Spending Habits

Ric Flair is one of the most well-known former wrestlers in the professional wrestling business. He continued wrestling way past his prime and even wrestled some of the best wrestlers of the world even during his 50s. He injured himself multiple times during his career but he never stopped wrestling the best.

Ric also had a fantastic character. He was a huge star back in his glory days. He was also known as one of the most well-dressed people in the business. Arn Anderson knew Ric very well as he used to work alongside him. Arn recently spoke about Ric’s spending habits.

Ric lived a very lavish lifestyle and it showed in his character. "Ric would fly to Atlanta, first day of a loop, go over to his room and he would unzip his garment bag, have like 5 suits, any number of slacks and shirts that had been folded in half but were already dry cleaned, he'd look at them and go 'Oh this is wrinkled'

He would send it back to be dry cleaned again!" Anderson said. "That's a couple of hundred bucks, that's insanity. What do I do? I unzip the bag, it's wrinkled, I hang it up in the bathroom, shut the door, cut on the shower, steam it and it's as good as gold.

Not a dime, not a nickel. That's the difference with Ric and I." "When you're making the kind of money that he's made for the length of time he's made it, a couple hundred bucks means absolutely nothing," Anderson stated.

Ric does not wrestle professionally any longer. He suffered a few injuries and cannot move as fast as he could. He also had a few health scares last year and is still not in very good health.