Bischoff Speaks About Returning Superstar idea

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Bischoff Speaks About Returning Superstar idea

Eric Bischoff is the former WCW president. The WCW was the only company that nearly beat the WWE. They also hired some of the best wrestlers that the promotion had. They had Hulk Hogan, Sting, Kevin Nash, and even Ric Flair. After fighting with the WWE for several years, Bischoff’s company eventually lost and was taken over by the WWE.

That being said, according to some people, Bischoff is a creative genius. He was on his podcast recently where he spoke about a small idea that he had about bringing back a very good character. Of course, that never happened.

He also didn’t reveal the name of the character once. "There was a situation where I was trying to present an idea for the return of a new character," Bischoff said. "Not gonna say where. Not gonna say when.

Not gonna name names. And this new character, well not a new character. This returning character had been very prominent but had been out with an injury for quite some time, and I was in a room full of people. It was like, 'OK what are we gonna do with this character? Do we bring him back the way he was? Who do we match him up with? What do we with him? He's been gone for a long time.'

And this is a great character by the way. "My idea was for this character not to drop out of the f--king sky just the way he left a year, two years, six months or whatever the time frame was because I'm trying to keep this as murky as possible."