Edge discusses his match with Randy Orton at WrestleMania

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Edge discusses his match with Randy Orton at WrestleMania

Edge is one of the most titled wrestlers of all time, having won thirty-one titles in WWF/E overall: in particular he was eleven times world champion (seven times World Heavyweight Champion and four times WWE Champion), fourteen times champion of couple (twelve times World Tag Team Champion and two times WWE Tag Team Champion), five times intercontinental champion and once United States champion, thus becoming the twelfth wrestler to have completed the Grand Slam (new format).

He also captured the King of the Ring (2001), Money in the Bank (2005), Royal Rumble (2010) and Bragging Rights Trophy (2010), making him the only fighter in WWF history to have achieved these results. Following his first retirement, which occurred in April 2011 due to the occurrence of a spinal stenosis, he was entered in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012.

Aside from professional wrestling, Copeland appeared in the fantasy film Highlander: Endgame and WWE Studios' Bending the Rules. He has made guest appearances on television shows such as Weakest Link, Mind of Mencia, Deal or No Deal, MADtv and The Flash.

He appeared on the Syfy series Haven as recurring character Dwight Hendrickson, and as recurring character, Ketill Flatnose, in the fifth season of Vikings. Speaking with Bleacher Report, the Canadian superstar discussed his match with Randy Orton at WrestleMania: “I’m so proud of the whole story and process that we put together.

Is part of me disappointed that my first singles match back in nine years is in front of no audience, no live audience? Yeah, of course. You always thrive and feed off of that live reaction. That being said, again, it’s a challenge, and I have to look for the positives.

How do we make the best of this? How do we turn this into chicken salad? That’s the goal. That’s a huge challenge. I get off on that. And I truly think that with a performer like Randy Orton, and knowing what I know and knowing what I feel and the ideas I have—man, I cannot wait for people to see this.

I think I’m thinking of this in terms of storytelling and being able to emote with facial expressions and drama, and that is just so much fun to me”.