Teddy Long on Referees Not Entering Hall of Fame

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Teddy Long on Referees Not Entering Hall of Fame

There are only a handful of people that enter the WWE Hall of Fame every year. Most professional wrestlers never get a chance to work in WWE or win a big WWE title. Even fewer enter the WWE Hall of Fame. Even though the Hall of Fame isn’t physically present, most of its members are some of the best people in the industry.

Stone Cold Steve Austin, Edge, and Kurt Angle are some of the wrestlers that are part of the WWE Hall of Fame. Some consider them to be best of all time. That being said, the WWE has not included referees in the Hall of Fame.

Referees have a huge role to play in a professional wrestling match. They are actually part of the entire act and are regularly used by the wrestlers to communicate with each other during a match. Teddy Long is a long time WWE employee.

He was on Wrestling Inc Daily podcast and he spoke about this. He himself admitted that he didn’t notice that the WWE does not induct referees. "I've never really thought about it like that. I've never really thought about referees going into the Hall of Fame," admitted Long.

"So when I went into the Hall of Fame, it never really dawned on me about my career and being a referee and now look, I'm in the Hall of Fame. But by you bringing that up, it's brand new to me and it's certainly another great honor and feather in my hat.

That's something to think about and it wouldn't be bad to start putting referees in the Hall of Fame." "There's so many great guys there that were there when I first started and they're still successful. That's not a bad idea to start putting refs in the Hall of Fame," said Long.