Teddy Long on WWE Getting Rid of Managers

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Teddy Long on WWE Getting Rid of Managers

Managers were a huge part of professional wrestling. They are slowly and steadily making a comeback. There was a time when managers would cut promos for the wrestlers that they were managing. Is it important to note that not all wrestlers are good at cutting promos and they require help.

However, WWE has recently given some wrestlers the role of managers. We actually saw a huge gap in the WWE. they were a prominent part of WWE in the early and mid-2000s. Teddy Long spent most of his career in WWE as a manager.

He was a babyface and people really liked seeing him manage Smackdown. He is still working for WWE but works backstage. Long was on the Wrestling Inc. podcast where he stated that he is happy to see managers make a return. "I think it's a good thing.

They got away from it because at one time they felt it was old school," revealed Long. "They wanted to do something different and they felt that managers didn't have a place anymore. My thing is this – when you've got a guy out there that's a great athlete, but may not have mic skills, that's when you need a manager."

He also stated that Roman Reigns should have a manger. "Bringing back the managers is a good idea but it's according to who the managers are. If a guy has no mic skills then he has no understanding of what the manager does.

Managers can't just be out there managing as you're out there to do a job. There's a place you may have to be at a certain time or there's time when you may have to jump up and do something. You have to know all this stuff so I think managers are important. So, to bring them back, I think that would be a great idea," stated Long.