Brodus Clay on Working with Dusty Rhodes

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Brodus Clay on Working with Dusty Rhodes

Brodus Clay was a large WWE wrestler. He was very athletic for a man of his size and could work with the best wrestlers that WWE had during his time. He was best known for his Funkasaurus gimmick. During that role, he performed as a 400-pound dancer.

He spoke to VOC Nation’s Wrestling with History about who came up with the gimmick. "Dusty Rhodes, God rest his soul… Calvin Broadus is Snoop Dogg's bodyguard. He let me out of my contract to go back to WWE, so that was out of respect to him," said Clay.

"Originally it was Brodus Prior, and Dusty didn't like Prior…so I said 'what about Clay?' Dusty said, 'that sounds southern, you should wear overalls'…we were just laughing about it, and he said 'Brodus Clay, Brodus Clay,' over and over again until he said, 'you know what, I like it.'

" Clay started his WWE career working as a heel wrestler. He was originally going to work with Arn Anderson. WWE eventually wanted him to start working as a babyface. He had to go to Dusty Rhodes for advice as he couldn’t work as a babyface on his own.

"When the decision was changed for me to be a babyface, because I had such a great core of mentors, I said give me a week and let me go sit down with Dusty and figure this out," recalled Clay. "The first thing he said, 'the Dream is always going to be the Dream.

Because you're my protégé, you're being punished for my sins; you, [Cody] and Dustin are being punished for my sins…' So, we sat down and figured it out; he knew I didn't like to dance at all…he made it uncomfortable – he made me dance with him in an arena for about an hour… We figured it out."