Goldberg’s New Opponent Revealed

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Goldberg’s New Opponent Revealed

Bill Golberg is the current WWE Universal Champion. He made his return at the WWE Royal Rumble after spending a long time on the sidelines. He faced Bray Wyatt and he squashed him and became the new WWE Universal Champion. Many people did not like it, but many people did.

Goldberg still has a huge fan following and many people would pay good money to see him perform. Bill Goldberg was going to wrestle Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 36. Roman Reigns was pulled from the event as he has a weak immune system.

It put him at a greater risk of catching the COVID 19. Many people believed that Braun Strowman would replace Roman Reigns. That is exactly what happened. Recently, Strowman was announced for WrestleMania 36. Strowman will wrestle Bill Goldberg for the WWE Universal Title.

According to reports, WWE wouldn’t want Goldberg to hold the WWE Universal Title for a very long time. That is why Strowman will most likely win the match. Ever since his return, Goldberg has won most of his matches, but some of his performances were actually very bad.

Goldberg wrestled The Undertaker at a Super Showdown event, and the match was full of botches. That is why Goldberg has to perform really well to win back some of the fans that he lost that night. Bill Golberg is still considered one of the top performers of all time.

His streak in the WCW will never be forgotten. He went 173-0 in the WCW before losing his first match to Kevin Nash. During his streak, he beat most of his opponents in under 2 minutes. He was one of the biggest stars during the Monday Night Wars.