Kofi Kingston on Vince McMahon trusting New Day to host WrestleMania

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Kofi Kingston on Vince McMahon trusting New Day to host WrestleMania

In his WWE career, Kofi Kingston won the WWE Championship once, four times the Intercontinental Championship, three times the United States Championship, four times the Raw Tag Team Championship (twice with Big E and Xavier Woods, once with Evan Bourne and once with R-Truth), four times the SmackDown Tag Team Championship (with Big E and Xavier Woods) and once the World Tag Team Championship (with CM Punk).

He is also the 30th Triple Crown Champion and the 13th Grand Slam Champion of WWE. His second reign as Raw Tag Team Champion, which lasted 483 days (from 23 August 2015 to 18 December 2016) is the longest in the history of the title, managing to win the most in the decade (2010-2019), on an equal footing with The Miz titles (14).

During a recent interview with Fightful, Kofi reflected on Vince McMahon trusting New Day to host WrestleMania: “When we got that opportunity, there was a lot of people who were on social media talking like, ‘You guys should be on the card.

You guys are talented.’ We know we’re talented in the ring, but at the same time, you’ve got to think about the big picture. The amount of people that have hosted WrestleMania, at that time, it was just like The Rock and Cena as far as actual wrestling talent.

Then it was us. We knew how big of an opportunity it was for us to be in that situation. It’s an honor to be in that situation. You just know the kind of trust that Vince has in us to be able to put us in that situation. You just know that when you look at the amount of people who have done it and been asked.

To be even considered in the same sentence and breath as Cena and Rock in terms of entertainment on any kind of platform, it really says a lot. It’s not something we went into the office with and he’s like, ‘You know what guys, can I trust you to go out there and do this?’ No, he just gave us that role because he did trust us”.