Ryback on Shows in Empty Arenas

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Ryback on Shows in Empty Arenas

Although most businesses and stores in the US are now closed, WWE still holds its shows. They recently aired WrestleMania 36 after taping it at the WWE Performance Center. Almost every single show that WWE is holding these days takes place inside WWE Performance Center.

They have actually come under fire and might have to cancel their upcoming shows. They also had to change the angle to hide the fact that the arena is empty. Many people spoke about it on social media. They stated that seeing empty chairs ruined the shows.

Ryback as usually spoke against WWE on his podcast this week. He stated that watching WWE shows in an empty arena is actually worse than seeing them being canceled. Even WrestleMania 36 took place inside an empty WWE Performance Center.

"It's tough for me to watch," replied Ryback. "It brings me back to empty arena developmental practice where all of us just hated it. Wrestling sucks without a crowd [laughs]. I tell people that the one thing I miss most about wrestling is the adrenaline and energy.

That's the real part of wrestling and now we've just got this fake stuff... and as a wrestler I have no problem saying it because it is. There's very real things in wrestling and the pain is real, but it is still fake.

Movies are fake. I love and respect pro wrestling but you can't just keep lying to yourself. It's exposed when you watch it without a crowd”. The advantage of doing taped shows is that the wrestlers can perform a spot over and over again. However, performing during the pandemic is actually a big risk.