The Rock reveals if he misses wrestling

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The Rock reveals if he misses wrestling

The Rock has won nineteen titles during his wrestling career, including ten in the world (the WWF/E Championship eight times and the WCW / World Championship two). He also won the Intercontinental Championship twice and the WWF Tag Team Championship five times.

He was also the sixth wrestler to boast of the Triple Crown and the winner of the Royal Rumble (2000), while at the annual and main pay-per-view event of the WWF/E, WrestleMania, he fought in the main event on five occasions: in editions XV, 2000, X-Seven, XXVIII and 29.

In addition, the name of the weekly SmackDown show comes from one of his famous catchphrases: "Laying the SmackDown!" The Rock also has the record for major participation in the main events of Raw (thirty-eight in 2000), of SmackDown (thirty-six in 2000), and, together with Stone Cold Steve Austin (twelve in 2001), of pay-per-view events in one year (twelve in 2000).

Later the company itself placed him in first place in several rankings including: the greatest rivalry of WrestleMania (vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin), the greatest superstar in the history of SmackDown and funniest superstar in the history of WWE.

In a recent Q&A session, he revealed if he misses wrestling: “I do miss wrestling. I love wrestling. I loved professional wrestling. I loved it. Here’s what I loved about it. I loved creating with the pro wrestlers that I had great chemistry with, but the thing I miss the most about professional wrestling is just being able to connect with an audience every night.

Every night was just a showcase. I didn’t give a sh*t about being, as many of you know if you followed my career in pro wrestling, I didn’t give a sh*t about being the biggest guy, the strongest guy, the loudest guy, the toughest guy, the guy who won all the time, the guy who was the craziest and jumped off the top of the cage, and moons and all that sh*t… no, but by the way, there’s a purpose for those guys by the way and many of those guys are my friends.

I just always cared about connecting with an audience. That was really the most important thing for me, so I do. I miss that part about pro wrestling, because there’s nothing like it. And there’s nothing like being able to listen to an audience. I love it”.